Strategic Market Intelligence (MI)              Where is the Future of Your Company?
  • Making better business decisions for Product Direction
  • MI aligned with Corporate and Product Strategies
    • Dynamic Matrix of Markets, Customers, Products/Industry, Competitors
    • Continuous processes, monitoring, research, analysis
    • Overarching surveys of general trends in software and hardware
  • Actionable Observations and Recommendations
  • Information is NOT Intelligence
    • BUT Analyzed Information in Context leads to strategic intelligence and better decision-making

Strategic Market Intelligence                Companies that practice MI will Win the Market
- Key Differentiator
  • Agilely respond to changing market conditions
  • Actively leverage intelligence as successful strategies and operational tactics
  • MI ensures Market-Driven strategy and growth
  • Fast-changing industries, like software technology, require more attention on MI:  more monitoring and quicker management action
How Market Intelligence Works
  • Dynamic means for uncovering essential intelligence as early as possible
    • Averting “nasty surprises” in the future
    • Discovering new opportunities before the competition
    • “If only I knew two years ago what I know now…”
  • Positioned as a virtual hub for the entire company
    • Interacting with all groups both for gathering information and for sharing intelligence and actionable recommendations
  • Process of market intelligence is iterative and responsive to changes in the matrix of drivers during the lifecycle of software products